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© Eric Béraud (CSM)

The Monaco Scientific Centre (CSM) was established in 1960 by Prince Rainier III to enable the Principality to conduct high-level scientific research.

The Centre is an independent public body, and is split into three departments. Founded in the late 1980s, the first and oldest of the departments focuses on marine biology, specialising in the study of corals.

It also hosts some very serious research into the socio-economic aspects of climate change.

The second, more recently established department (created in 2010 as part of an international associated laboratory) concentrates on polar biology.

It aims to identify the ecological processes which shape populations in polar ecosystems. This involves observing the evolutions, adaptation mechanisms and limits of organisms in the face of environmental constraints, using penguins as an indicator.

© Eric Béraud (CSM)
© Direction de la Communication / Michael Alesi

The third department, officially opened in 2013 at the behest of Prince Albert II, is dedicated to medical biology

It comprises a human health section, which develops research projects alongside Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG), the Monaco Institute of Sports Medicine and Surgery (IM2S) and the Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre (CCM), an International Sickle Cell Disease Observatory, as well as four translational research teams (studying the metabolic properties of cancer cells, interactions between gut microbiota and the immune system, and therapies applied to neuromuscular disabilities).

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