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The Principality has become the first European country to have a sovereign cloud.  Monaco Cloud has been operational since October 2021.

The Principality has added another element to its digital transition programme, Extended Monaco.  “Monaco is the first country in Europe to launch a sovereign cloud,” announced Prince Albert II of Monaco.  With all-Monegasque shareholders – the State being the majority shareholder – Monaco Cloud enables State data, as well as that of private players, to be stored in the Principality under Monegasque law.

As well as benefiting local players, this innovation is also intended to attract investors.  The advantages of a sovereign cloud are well known:  improved speed of use, and better stability, security and transparency of data, which is also secured by the Monaco Cyber Security Agency.

The sovereign cloud is an essential building block of Monaco’s digital ecosystem.  It “will serve as a foundation for the development and creation of new digital services in the Principality, in particular services relating to the smart city, e-health, e-education and e-administration”, explained Frédéric Genta,  Country Chief Digital Officer.  The computing and storage power of the cloud will facilitate the use of artificial intelligence.

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The sovereign cloud accelerates the implementation of digital identity.  Every Monegasque and resident can now have a digital identity linked to their new ID card or residence permit, which features highly secure authentication.

Each user will now have access to all the Government’s digital services via a single site and will no longer have to re-enter information that is already known to the Administration.



Monaco Cloud is aiming for carbon neutrality from the time it first opens and zero carbon by 2025.

“To achieve this, we have three levers:  pooling of resources, which concentrates equipment in the same place, thus facilitating energy efficiency;  latest-generation components that are more energy efficient and a recycling policy adapted to environmental constraints;  and Data Centres powered entirely by green electricity and equipped with the latest technologies to optimise server cooling,” stated Pierre Puchois, Managing Director of Monaco Cloud.

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