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The Extended Monaco programme, launched in 2019, aims to adapt the Monegasque model to the digital world.

To take advantage of the enormous potential offered by digital technology and ensure that it directly benefits the entire Monegasque community, the Government has launched #ExtendedMonaco.

This is an ambitious programme, led by a cross-disciplinary authority, the Digital Transition Office, that seeks to showcase Monaco’s advantages and make the country a player in this new world.

The digital transformation is particularly well-suited to the nature of the country: “While Monaco’s size might have appeared to be a handicap in previous industrial revolutions, it is now an asset, giving the nation a unique ability to react,” said Prince Albert II at the programme’s launch in late April 2019.

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The programme’s ambition is embodied in a large number of specific projects.

Monaco has become the first country in the world to have a national 5G network.

It is also the first country to offer all of its 7,000 pupils, from nursery age through to lower secondary school, lessons in computer programming. Finally, 100% of administrative procedures will be available online by 2022.

The Principality is also getting to grips with innovative financial tools such as blockchain, and using cryptocurrencies to raise funding for environmental projects (via initial coin offerings). And all this is being done to the strictest security standards, with security continuing to be an inherent feature of the Monegasque model.

The Extended Monaco programme will make cyber security a top priority,” stresses Frédéric Genta, Country Chief Officer for Attractiveness and the Digital Transition. A sovereign cloud has been launched to protect the personal data of the Principality’s residents and businesses.

© Michael Alesi
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