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Renowned for its aquarium and remarkable architecture, the Oceanographic Museum helps to make Monaco an advocate for the ocean.

Perched on the Rocher of Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum was founded by Prince Albert I, a pioneer of oceanography. This impressive, cliff-hugging building, officially opened in 1910, is renowned for its aquarium. Ninety pools provide a home for more than 6,000 specimens and 350 species of fish. In summer 2019, a new Marine Animal Rescue Centre was added.

Led by Jacques Cousteau for 31 years, the Oceanographic Museum is a place for culture and discussion, where experiences of protecting the ocean come together through symposiums, exhibitions, educational programmes, and so on.

It was here that, in September 2019, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released its special report investigating the impact of climate change on the ocean and cryosphere to the public.

The Oceanographic Museum is the “flagship” of the Oceanographic Institute led by Robert Calcagno. This foundation, a recognised public interest organisation, brings together scientists, politicians, economists and the public to improve understanding of the ocean and protect it. At the behest of its Honorary President, Prince Albert II, the Oceanographic Institute also contributes to Monaco’s commitment on the oceans, alongside the Prince’s Government, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Monaco Scientific Centre and the Yacht Club de Monaco.

It relies on its two institutions, the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco and the Maison des Océans in Paris, to carry out numerous projects at the national and international levels.

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Here, sirs, you can see that the land of Monaco has raised up a proud and inviolable temple to the new divinity which reigns over great intellects.


Albert I of Monaco

Prince Albert I, my great-great-grandfather, wanted Monaco to have an Oceanographic Institute with a clear road map: to promote, love and protect the ocean. Today, we can see just how relevant, forward-thinking and powerful that vision was.


Prince Albert II of Monaco

© Direction de la Communication - Michael Alesi
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