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Monaco Inter Expo (MIE) is responsible for the Principality’s participation in major events that help promote its visibility worldwide.

The role of this company is to disseminate messages that are important to Monaco, particularly with regard to sustainable development, education, innovation and exchanges between countries and cultures. It does so at trade and other fairs, exhibitions and conferences all over the world. It is under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and is responsible for the organisation of Monaco’s Pavilion at these events.

The MIE is currently making preparations for the “Monaco 360°, a World of Opportunities” Pavilion, which will showcase the Principality at the Dubai World Expo in 2020, the overall theme of which is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future!” In 2017, the Principality attracted attention with its “Reflecting the Future” pavilion at the Specialised International Exhibition in Astana (Kazakhstan), which was on the theme of “Energy of the Future.”

Other notable events organised by MIE include the meetings of the Grimaldi of Monaco Historic Sites, held in the Palace Square, at which former “fiefdoms” of the Principality present the heritage and history that link them to the Grimaldi dynasty.

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