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The Principality participated in Expo 2020 Dubai, which attracted more than 20 million visitors.

The news broke at the height of the coronavirus crisis. Like the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, like the Euro 2020 football championship, Expo Dubai had been postponed until 2021. But this did nothing to mar the success of Expo 2020 Dubai, which attracted more than 20 million visitors between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022. The Monaco Pavilion itself saw more than 1 million, or an average of 5,650 visitors per day.

The Principality has recorded between 4 and 5% of the total number of visitors to the expositions in which the country has participated.

Albert Croesi, General Commissioner of the Monaco Pavilion

For Monaco, it was about surprising an international audience with an original Monegasque pavilion whose architecture was reminiscent of the country’s Rocher and reflected its many different facets. And the slogan? Monaco 360°, a world of opportunities.”

© Direction de la Communication / Michael Alesi
© Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

The Monaco Pavilion, which is in the shape of a polygon, was covered in photovoltaic panels, a direct link to the actions taken by the Principality on the energy transition and environmental protection.

Since 1851, universal expositions have offered each country an opportunity to showcase its technical innovations, its artists and its expertise, or to organise celebratory events.

Monaco first participated in a universal exposition in 1873, in Vienna.

The next universal exposition will be held in Osaka, Kansai in Japan in 2025. The theme will be: “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”.

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