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The names Monaco and Monte-Carlo are known throughout the world.

For decades, this tiny Principality on the Mediterranean coast, at the centre of the legendary French Riviera, has been the stuff of dreams. But, as is often the case, these dreams mask the reality of a country which is more surprising, more diverse and more innovative than one might think.

MonacoNow offers a window on the little-known side of the Principality.

MonacoNow is first a social media presence, devoted to innovation, the environment, culture, sport and the economy – in other words, the topics and events which are relevant to Monaco today, and in which the country has a special role to play on the global stage.

MonacoNow is also a web portal which provides quick access to all of the Principality’s institutions, organisations and businesses, covering everything from tourism to the economy, from science to the environment and from sport to digital technology, aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about Monaco or to visit the country.

MonacoNow is, above all, a mind-set focused on talking more directly, more openly and more specifically about the current issues and challenges facing the world through the lens of examples and experiences from a small country. A country that is remarkable due to its size, but also due to its influence and ambitions.