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A Focus on the Principality’s Residents

Artists, businesspeople, sportspeople, scientists, financiers … almost 30,000 of them, from 140 nationalities, have chosen to live in Monaco.

Let’s find out about their backgrounds, the reasons why they chose the Principality, and their favourite places.


“I’m the car media for ordinary people” He shares his passion for prestige cars with millions of subscribers on YouTube and Instagram.

Pierre Frolla

He travels the world to raise awareness about protecting the planet. He is a world freediving champion. Pierre Frolla has published a book with very distinctive selfies. Here are his favourites.

Morgane Quetier

How to completely transform a car in a week? How do you make your mark in a man’s world when you’re a woman? How to earn a living from your passion?

Marcel Ravin

Marcel Ravin, Michelin-starred chef of the Blue Bay restaurant at the Monte-Carlo Bay hotel and the new Mada One, is one of the most talented chefs of his generation.

He was born in Martinique and had an eventful career before taking over the kitchens of a luxury Monegasque hotel. Here, he recounts his story and tells us about his appetite for Monaco.

Zhang Zhang

A famous violinist from the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, founder of ZhangoMusiq, which organises charity concerts throughout the world, and a well-known figure in the world of culture, Zhang Zhang has had many adventures, from her birth in China to her arrival in Monaco.

Here she shares her story and tells us about the Monaco she loves.

Mikaël Barelaud-Eledut

Mikaël Barelaud-Eledut is a graphic designer from Monaco, known for his artistic creations. He’s created and designed many works for world-famous brands.

Anthony Orengo & William Scheffer

In 2019, William and Anthony, 2 childhood friends, took a gamble: they decided to create a beer made in Monaco. In 2020, they sold 20,000 liters of beer (60,000 bottles).

Rossano Ferretti

In 2022, he opened a luxury hair spa at the Thermes Marins de Monte-Carlo. Interview with Rossano Ferretti, creator of the “Invisible Haircut”.

Hugo Micallef

His favorite pizza restaurant, the stade Louis II… We spent 24 hours with Hugo Micallef, the first Monegasque boxer in history.

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